5 Steps To Hook Lock Van Like A Pro In Under An Hour

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You've come the right spot if you're thinking about using Hook Locks to secure your van. We'll talk about the advantages of Hook Locks as they are as well as their drawbacks, and how to install them. Learn more about the security and superior quality of these locks. We'll go over the key negatives in the next paragraphs. You'll be in a position to make an informed choice on which Lock you want to install in your vehicle after reading this article.


One of the benefits of a hook lock van is its low profile. The locks are usually hidden in a small compartment under the seat and are difficult to pick even by novice thieves. Nonetheless, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, and Hook lock van this type of van lock is the most secure option for many van owners. Hook lock vans have few disadvantages. In many cases the security of your van is dependent on the lock it is secured with.

The disadvantages of hook locks are mostly related to its cost. Hook locks are more expensive than a deadlock, and comes with a limited warranty. Hook locks are more expensive and require an external key. Furthermore, they can be difficult to repair or replace, so it's advisable to purchase a premium van hook lock, if it's in your budget. But before buying hook locks ensure you know how to use it correctly.

Hook locks come with an internal safety release system that prevents the door from being accidentally closed inside the compartment for loading. If there is an accident that causes the door to lock inside the loading compartment, the operator is able to open the door by pulling an appropriate wire. Furthermore, the hooks can be inserted into the holes in the sheet panels and are able to grab the release mechanism inside. A hook lock van is more susceptible to tampering than the standard padlock.

A hook lock van is not without additional disadvantages, for instance its insecurity. If you don't utilize a locking system keys might not be stored in the van and can be stolen. Also hook lock vans are vulnerable to theft because of their thin metal panels. Hook lock van locks have to be approved by Thatcham to stop thieves from opening the upper door panels. However, be sure to hire a locksmith if you plan on installing hook van locks.


A deadlock for hook locks is a lock that can be put in a van to increase security. These locks have a deadlocking bolt, which is inserted into the van and then loops over a bar of metal. This makes it difficult for a criminal to open your van door using a common tool like the Crowbar. Hook locks can be set strategically to make it more difficult to get inside.

To install a hook lock in the van, call a specialist company. Van lock experts are highly trained and experienced. They are able to perform many different tasks in the field, which makes them highly skilled to complete the installation correctly. If you have questions, you can seek out the help of an expert who will provide you with peace of brain and ensure that the new lock is properly installed. A warranty will be provided by the professional you choose to hire that is a good option to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

It is simple to set up the hook van lock. It is simple to set up, and the Viro Van Lock comes with an internal security release system that will stop doors from closing accidentally inside the loading compartment. The system also comes with an electrical wire that is inserted into an opening on the inside of the door. It also comes with master key systems. The Viro Van Lock is large and easy to hold, and will not cause any damage to the bodywork of the van. It will perfectly complement the style of your vehicle.

In contrast to traditional deadlocks, hook locks are more secure and resistant to attacks than other types of lock mechanisms. They are not compatible with windows in the panel. They are installed in two ways: the front door and the side doors. In addition, hook locks can be placed on the back door. In the majority of instances, these locks don't require keys to be used. Hook locks enhance the security of your vehicle and guard against unauthorised entry.


The hook lock is more security than the standard deadlock used on commercial vehicles. Hook locks are designed to fit inside the door receiving bracket of the van and provide a durable and strong locking mechanism. They are great for industries that depend on the van's locking mechanism. What is the price of a hook locking van lock cost? Find out here. This article will provide the fundamentals of hook locks, as well as how to choose the right lock for your vehicle.

Hooklocks operate using a high-security key. In addition, Hook Lock van they have an additional Mortice lock that is not connected to the locking system of the vehicle. When it is installed on a van the Hook Bolt is put into a specially designed keep. This combination will give the van the highest level of security. The Hooklock will require an additional PS20 for the deadlock that is high-level. This option is not available on all vehicles. Follow the manufacturer's directions when installing hook locks.

The most well-known van door deadlock is the deadlock. They are more secure than other types of van locks and provide an effective visual deterrent. They can be fitted on all doors or just the rear. They are usually installed on the rear doors of couriers and delivery drivers. These locks don't require a key to open, which makes them ideal for van security. They are more secure than standard deadlocks, which can be opened with a key.

Another option is to add security to your van with an enclosed security cage. A security cage could be sufficient to cover the entire van or the majority of the floor space. In any event, a lockbox will protect valuable tools in your vehicle. They come with a protective cover to protect the tools and make theft much less likely. You can rest at ease knowing that thieves won't take your van.

Security level

Panel van attacks as well as theft of cargo have increased in recent years. VanGuard HookLock is a manual key-operated locking system that adds extra security to load areas. The locking bolts that are claw-shaped around the lock and remain engaged, making it more difficult for thieves to beat. Unauthorized persons cannot gain access to the van via the hook-shaped locking bolts. However, a key is still required in order to unlock the lock.

A hook deadlock can be fitted to nearly any van door. They can be mounted high on the door hook deadlocks for vans to provide additional protection against a Crowbar attack, which typically involves cutting the top of the van door with an instrument that is sharp. Hook deadlocks are also designed to resist being torn open. Hook locks are particularly useful in industries where the driver relies on the van's lock to protect their goods.

In addition , they are more resistant to carjacking Hook locks are also extremely secure. It can be fixed to the body of a van by using a high-security key. Hook locks can be locked independently of the vehicle manufacturer's locking systems. Hook locks remain locked until the van's door is opened when the locking system is compromised. They are a great choice for commercial van owners.

To add more security to your van, it is recommended to install a security cage in your vehicle. You can either make use of the van's space for a cage or fill it completely. The installation of a security cage will increase the security of your vehicle and the valuable equipment inside. Van insurance companies assess risk levels based on the cost of repair and theft. You're less likely lose your vehicle if you have a lock in place.

Insurance premium

The insurance premium for a hook lock van is usually lower than that for a conventional lock. This is because insurance companies are aware that vans with hook locks offer the highest level of security. The ULTI Lock Hooklock is the best hook lock available in UK. It is independently tested by Sold Secure, which is the UK's most respected testing and certification company. To determine the hook lock that is right to fit your van check with an insurance company to cut down on the cost of your policy.

Installing hook lock vans is the most effective way to lower the cost of your insurance. Install it with the help of professionals. Hook lock catch locks prevent thieves from taking out the upper door panels. Thieves who target vans with metal parts can easily exploit thin metals and take advantage of them. Insurance companies decide the cost of van insurance based on the risk of your vehicle. Hook lock catch catches also increase the security of vans.

You can also put anti-theft equipment on your van such as ladder clamp locks and locking pipe carriers wheel nuts, as well as spare tyre locks. You can also make your vehicle safer by fitting UV marking equipment and UV pen. These measures can help you reduce your insurance premium since thieves don't want to risk your van's security. Adding a hook lock to your van can also stop thieves from taking your belongings.

Hook locks are the latest deadlocks for vans. In contrast to traditional deadlocks, these devices are designed to offer an increased level of security. Hook locks that are of premium quality have deadlocking bolts that fit with the van body and is looped over a metal bar. This is a way to avoid the destructive effects of crowbars, which is a popular tool used by criminals. Hook locks resist being broken.