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As with all precision machined parts, care have to be exercised when assembling a pilot-operated relief valve. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Parts, notably the balanced piston, must be lubricated with clean oil previous to meeting. The cap or pilot section of the valve should be carefully aligned over the piston. Some relief valves use locator pins to make sure alignment. Bolts have to be torqued properly. Operation of the Hydraulic Control Valve must be tested before inserting the valve back in service. If the valve fails to perform properly as a consequence of piston binding, the cap could also be loosened and tapped gently to attain correct alignment. Bolts have to be retorqued following this adjustment.

Both the bottom and LS models came with a superb load of anticipated customary options, plus an non-obligatory 155-bhp, 3.1-liter V-6 with the size and power that the majority opponents both didn't match or offered at a hefty surcharge. A 150-bhp 2.4-liter Twin Cam four was standard, but vanished for 2000 within the face of strong purchaser desire for the V-6, which added 15 horses that season.

How Does the Carrera GT Stack Up?
The Carrera GT is one in every of only a handful of "supercars," which embrace the Enzo Ferrari and the Ford GT. Car fans immediately examine the Carrera GT with the Enzo Ferrari, each of which are product of light however strong carbon fiber. Although the Ferrari is lighter and has extra horsepower, critics say the Carrera has extra agile cornering. The Porsche can also be slightly less pricey than the Ferrari.