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2104 Pummel Her To Death launch merciful

"What else could I am talking about? We can't overcome her," the slim guy replied lightheartedly.

Nie Linglong's eyeballs were actually br.i.m.m.i.n.g with contempt. A flick of her dagger and yes it instantly pierced Oh-Hu's hand, bloodstream gus.h.i.+ng out.

The trio's view shone once they been told that.

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The trio's vision shone after they been told that.

"Say, manager, don't one has any plan?" the lean person damaged his sleek chin.

"Oh, you didn't attack her."

"Should I pummel her to death"—the strong gentleman nodded and turned to Thirdly Elder—"are you going to give you a improve?"

"Thank you so much," Third Elder mentioned while cupping his fists.

"Chief executive, it was a miscalculation on my small element this time around. Whenever, I'll definitely show her a course she'll remember!" Thirdly Elder fumed with rage between gritted tooth.

When it weren't for these particular three folks, his s.h.i.+p would've probably capsized and sunk right now.


After saying that, the thin guy led Oh-Hu and Ah-Ya into the night.

"Say, supervisor, don't you possess any notion?" the slender mankind scraped his steady chin.

Leave behind if he was found out. This old person was terrific. He directly increased and started out preventing with Nie Linglong.

Whether or not this weren't because of these three people, his s.h.i.+p would've probably capsized and sunk currently.

"Ah, you didn't success her."


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On the Fearless Alliance headquarters, Ye Wanwan's lip area twitched as she considered Next Elder and his bandaged left arm.

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"When I pummel her to fatality"—the strong male nodded and considered Third Elder—"can you give a elevate?"

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The trio's view shone when they heard that.

"What else could I mean? We can't beat her," the very thin gentleman replied lightheartedly.

"Thanks," Next Elder reported while cupping his fists.

"Thanks," Third Elder claimed while cupping his fists.

Next Elder was baffled.

Ye Wanwan originally meant to scold Next Elder but resolved if not after a little wondering.

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After stating that, the very thin gentleman encouraged Ah-Hu and Oh-Ya back into the night-time.

"Hold on, store on."

The lean gentleman instantly blocked Thirdly Elder's route.

Right after saying that, the skinny person led Oh-Hu and Ah-Ya back into the night.

"Abide by her!" Next Elder hastily yelled when he noticed Nie Linglong leaving and meant to run after following her.