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Marvellousfiction 《Cultivation Chat Group》 - Chapter 1466 - Drinking it in one go insurance worried reading-p3


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Chapter 1466 - Drinking it in one go spurious sea

Song Shuhang let out a breathing of reduction.

Vautrin: A Drama in Five Acts

Using the deterrence in the heavenly tribulation warheads, very few Powerful Sages will be willing to confront him.

With Tune Shuhang’s profile-a lesser amount of declare ended up, everyone’s memories of him gradually restored. With this particular, Sage Monarch Winter Melon appreciated that he or she obtained shed to Song Shuhang’s saber after.

Melody Shuhang was relieved.

Sage Monarch Winter Melons calmly stated, “I’m just getting ready for that conflict. You have yet to check out my serious transfer.

Together with the deterrence of your incredible tribulation warheads, several Profound Sages could well be ready to confront him.

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Even though they have explode, they wouldn’t make the slightest destruction if they were from the major world.

His Primordial Bell was the amalgamation of all of the safeguarding of his system.

The Paradise Using up Flaming Saber was the signature relocate of Daoist Priest Scarlet Heaven. Even when he possessed only barely enhanced it, on condition that he employed Mature Scarlet Paradise Sword, he could slash out an infiltration that had electrical power for the top in the Eighth Point. If Sage Monarch Winter time Melons was equipped to get a way to protect against such an strike, then his natural talent if it stumbled on shield was indeed horrifying.

Tune Shuhang calmly stated, “Although you’ve lost memory than it, you and also I have got fought actually.”


The good thing is, the display screen from the cell phone was still struggling with Sage Monarch Winter Melon.

“Glug, glug-“

He hurried for taking back his phone in order to prevent Sage Monarch Winter season Melons from spotting any faults on the image. After all, this picture was actually a set up, and Tune Shuhang were built with a guilty conscience.

Sage Monarch Wintertime Melon replied, “Huh?”

“Before our next obstacle, Powerful Sage Tyrannical Piece of music, is it possible to let me know how well you been able to defeat me?” Sage Monarch Winter season Melons raised his go and considered Song Shuhang

“You’ve figured out a means to handle my saber so quickly?” Track Shuhang considered Profound Sage The winter season Melon by incorporating amaze.

The backdrop for this picture was the Sword Saber Highest.

Piece of music Shuhang obtained just tried it out, and discovered that he or she managed to easily bust through Sage Monarch Winter time Melon’s security.


At this moment, Elderly White-colored was carrying the dark broth, drinking it.

Track Shuhang had just used it out, and discovered which he was able to easily bust through Sage Monarch Wintertime Melon’s protection.

Sage Monarch Wintertime Melons claimed, “Spatial electricity? Unique Sage Tyrannical Song… You have perfected spatial tactics?”

His Primordial Bell was the amalgamation of all the protection of his system.

“No, I haven’t learned spatial tactics. No matter what, it’s still quite challenging for Eighth Period Significant Sages to master s.p.a.ce.” Tune Shuhang smiled somewhat. “As for the way I appeared right behind you, I’ll leave you on your speculations.”

His Primordial Bell was the combination of all of the protection of his human body.

Melody Shuhang crossed his forearms. “Fellow Daoist Winter season Melon… Don’t ignore, I understand over swordsmans.h.i.+p.”

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With all the deterrence with the heavenly tribulation warheads, very few Serious Sages might be ready to deal with him.

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The moment his words declined, additional Intense Sages speedily acquired up.

The phone slammed into Sage Monarch Winter months Melon’s overall defense—the Primordial Bell —and decreased to the floor.

By way of this obtained jewel, he could merge every one of the safeguarding of his system.

“Absolute Defense—Primordial Bell!” Sage Monarch Wintertime Melons extended out his hands, along with the many defenses on his physique blend into an individual large bell that included him.

“Glug, glug-“

As soon as the magic formula whole world of the Southern Endless Sword Sect collapsed, the previous stage and dealing with s.p.a.ce were both ended up. The existing period was only a temporary one particular. Sage Monarch The winter season Melons boldly said, “Let’s not misuse any moment, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Melody. This point, we shall choose all things in an individual proceed yet again!”

At the rear of Track Shuhang, the virtuous lamia clutched each containers of Mum-Boy or girl Stream Normal water with a considerate phrase in her confront.

Music Shuhang calmly claimed, “Although you’ve misplaced ability to remember than it, you and also We have fought currently.”