Ossetian Pies - 10 Most Scrumptious Recipes Step By Step

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1. Dissolve yeast and sugar in heat milk and go away for 10 minutes. Then add salt and flour, knead the dough, add vegetable oil and knead again. Go away the dough heat underneath the plastic wrap for 45-60 minutes.
2.Mix cottage cheese, egg, grated cheese, sour cream and finely chopped herbs with inexperienced onions. Add spices to style.
3. Divide the dough and filling into items, relying on what size you want the pies.
4. Roll out a layer of dough, place a number of the filling on top and pinch the edges. Roll out the cake, make a small incision in the center and bake at 200 levels for 25 minutes. Then brush with butter.

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At the mourning ceremony, the cakes are served in even numbers. - by 2. There isn't a middle cake, symbolizing the Solar, since it will not be above the deceased. Two pies on the memorial desk are a logo of the violation of harmony of the Universe attributable to the transition of the deceased to a different world.
The pie is all the time lower in a particular means. Two crosses forming eight triangles. Three pies, four cuts - in total, the quantity 7 is the image of the center of the Universe and its eternal harmony. In order to not disturb it, pies should be treated very rigorously and through slicing, don't flip the dish and don't make pointless movements.