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Novel - Dual Cultivation - Dual Cultivation

One Life, One Incarnation – Beautiful Bones

Chapter 605 - Spreading Her Buttocks Wide Open squeak hang

"Ahhh~" Su Liqing's body system trembled at his effect.

"Heavens!" Su Liqing cried out deafening from surprise. "T-This is merely the suggestion?!"


The sensation of two hands on the inside her b.u.t.thole was vastly unique from owning just one single, also it was a new degree of happiness, resulting in Su Liqing to climax through the front side hole.

"Okay…" Su Liqing nodded her top of your head, entrusting her b.u.t.thole to him.

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Immediately after engraving this see in his brain, Su Yang approached her behind, prior to dispersing her b.u.t.tocks wide available for any even more clear perspective. He then poked the small pit that was positioned directly above her pinkish cave together with his finger.

"N-No… I can handle it…" she shook her top of your head.


In the mean time, Su Yang experienced as though he'd just accessed heaven from the contracting experiencing from her slim tunnel and her tender b.u.t.tocks that pressed against his pelvic area each time he thrusts his h.i.p.s, let alone the solid sucking feel that maintained tugging his shaft deeper into her opening.



She then crawled on the bed on the d.o.g.g.y situation with her wonderful b.u.t.tocks facing him.

Infinite Bloodcore

'Oh no! I spoke too hastily just now! What if he thinks of me as some weird female now?!' she cried inwardly, sensing the urge to jump into a hole.

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Su Liqing was speechless, sensing as though she'd noticed the very last phrase somewhere right before.

On the other hand, Su Yang interrupted her using a laugh on his encounter, "There's no reason to really feel embarra.s.sed about this. No matter what gap you want me to joy, I am going to achieve this to the very best of my expertise. On top of that, it's less though I actually have no training using that gap. The truth is, there are many individuals who favor it inside the rear. Are available, stick your towards my way."

Su Liqing was speechless, feeling almost like she'd listened to the last phrase somewhere well before.

'Is it even about to fit inside?' she believed to herself.

Su Liqing bit upon her lip area from the suffering of her being pierced by way of a ma.s.sive shaft which was often times larger than the hole per se.

She then crawled about the mattress inside the d.o.g.g.y placement together wonderful facing him.


"Since this is the initial time, I am going to release the golf hole up slightly ahead of putting in the genuine article. In this manner you won't truly feel as much discomfort."

Section 605 - Dispersing Her b.u.t.tocks Wide Open

The Rebellion in the Cevennes, an Historical Novel

"Un…" she nodded inside of a bashful fashion.

"Okay…" Su Liqing nodded her travel, entrusting her to him.

Despite the arousing scene, Su Yang did not immediately adhere his shaft in her b.u.t.t and instead needed a moment to praise the scene of Su Liqing's and everything in-involving.

"F-Overlook the thing i explained just now! I used to be only joking—" she said to him a second down the road.

The Ice-Maiden: and Other Tales

Su Yang nodded and started out moving his h.i.p.s shortly in the future.

A couple of minutes in the future, Su Liqing said to him in a pleading voice, "You can actually put in the whole thing in now, Su Yang."

I Really Am Not The Lord Of Demon


Right after engraving this viewpoint on his brain, Su Yang approached her regarding, ahead of spreading her b.u.t.tocks huge open to have an even better see. He then poked the small pit which had been located directly above her pink cave in reference to his finger.


'Is it even likely to suit inside of?' she believed to themselves.

Nevertheless, Su Yang interrupted her using a teeth on his encounter, "There's no reason to truly feel embarra.s.sed regarding it. No matter what spot you prefer me to pleasure, I am going to do so to the best of my skills. In addition, it's much less though I have got no training using that golf hole. In fact, there are plenty of people who like it during the rear. Occur, put your b.u.t.t towards my way."

Her entire body suddenly trembled violently, and her entry cave gushed with Yin Qi, washing your bed.

However, Su Yang disrupted her by using a smile on his confront, "There's no reason to feel embarra.s.sed concerning this. Regardless which golf hole you wish me to joy, I am going to achieve this to the very best of my ability. In addition, it's less though We have no experience with the golf hole. In reality, there are various individuals who have a preference for it within the rear. Appear, put your towards my way."

"Haaa… haaa…" Su Liqing collapsed on the your bed afterward with weighty panting.