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Snowstorm bacopa is a new annual that is taking America by storm. An Previous World native, it was found filling out lush hanging baskets in an Australian nursery and brought to America as a Confirmed Winners introduction. Propagated by cuttings, and not by seed, it is a welcome newcomer for window boxes, planters, pots, and a garden floor cowl.

In the worst case, a CME might cause continental power outages and lack of GPS satellites. That would mean no commerce, no refrigeration and no gas or water pumps, amounting to trillions of dollars in damages and untold casualties. Some specialists cheerfully predict outages would last a couple of weeks at most. But a quick about-face would prove unimaginable if, as some individuals concern, the CME's floor present cooks all of the transformers. In that case, the dangers of social breakdown and mass starvation grow to be quite actual [supply: Billings].

His fantasy bore a startling resemblance to right this moment's precise multimedia Web, which at the time existed solely as a naked-bones system that related a number of college and army analysis institutions [source: Leiner, etal.]. Indeed, as science journalist Pagan Kennedy famous in 2012, "A decade later, when we all stepped into cyberspace, the word appeared just right" [source: Kennedy]. But the long run that Gibson sketches is dark and dystopian, rather than glittering with promise. His 1988 book "Mona Lisa Overdrive," for instance, describes a phenomenon known as "neuroelectronic" addiction, during which "wireheads" grow to be so addicted to digital content that they end up as shriveled, comatose wraiths in cots, Shelto hardwired to modems [source: Gibson]. But Gibson also has predicted extra uplifting use of technology. In his 1997 novel "Idoru," he depicts a Chinese city that's demolished by authorities, only to be defiantly resurrected in our on-line world as an online oasis for political and artistic freedom [source: Poole].

Door Sweeps and Adjustable Thresholds
Whereas weatherstripping takes care of weatherizing the highest and sides of a door, there's still one edge left to deal with -- the threshold. And it's a tough space to address; thresholds accumulate grit and dirt and are subject to loads of wear and tear. Manufacturers have provide you with dozens of options to the problem of stopping drafts at the threshold level. Some substitute thresholds are sophisticated to install. They might require eradicating the door or even cutting off the underside of the door. Others are easier to install however don't final long in extreme environmental circumstances.

One other consideration is the environmental affect of a rotary mower on the grass it cuts. Whereas reel mowers reduce with a scissor-like action that helps the grass retain moisture, rotary mowers tear the grass except the blade is kept sharp. That tearing motion can expose the grass to more diseases.